I am Bruce Millard, owner of www.trulyaustralia.com .  Truly Australia was started by myself and my late wife Penny in 2000.   But now it is time for me  to move on and do other things in my life.  The software we used was Microsoft FrontPage which Microsoft have not supporter for the last 15 years - FrontPage is antique software and does not work on i-phones.

Can I strongly recommend that my Truly Australia clients use instead "All Ways Tailor Made" operated by my long time New Zealand friend s Kaye and John (Kiwi) Rankin who I met before they were married and produced 3 lovely children, including Josh who is my godson.  I was not a great godfather to josh but I gave him my car when Ieft England and returned to my native Australia.  T^he Ranking family all hold duel passports - British and New Zealand .
Before stating All Ways Tailor Made the owned a highly successful tour operation called All Ways Pacific Travel which they sold to APT (Australian Pacific Tours)..  I must claim some imput in all this as I came up with the All Ways name.  The Rankin's only employ competent  staff. and I totally recommend All Ways Tailor Made.